What is the likelihood that someone in the United States will have a kidney stone in their lifetime?

Approximately 1 in 11 people will have at least one kidney stone in their lifetime.

Are people with kidney stones likely to have stone recurrence?

At least 50% of first-time kidney stone patients will have another kidney stone episode within 10 years.

What are the most common types of stones?

  • a.

    Calcium stones: 80%

  • b.

    Struvite stones: 7%

  • c.

    Uric acid stones: 7%

  • d.

    Cystine stones: 1%–3%

What common medical conditions are associated with kidney stone formation?

Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

What is the primary dietary adjustment a kidney stone patient can make to help prevent future stone formation?

Increase fluid intake to drink at least 2.5 L of water daily. Low sodium and low animal protein diets can also help prevent kidney stone formation.

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